The Title!!!!

The title “struckawake” came to me after many attempts to find a name that had not been used, (ie… thenarrowpath, my narrowpath).  My eldest son and I were trying to set up this blog , in so that I could start this journey, although truth be known, the journey started some time ago. As we entered catchy name after name… title after title, catch phrases after catch phrases, it seemed that everyone had already claimed those that were obvious, with the content of the journey of a middle aged person, seeking to re-invent, re-discover and re-learn how to navigate in this new world without a partner…and be OK, even happy to be an individual, independent…alone, but not alone!

Then it “struck” me! I said, “try “struckawake”… then I said insecurely…”you get it right?” I repeated it over and over “STRUCKAWAKE“… This is it…


My son said, “Yes, I like it, I like it a lot.”  So he put it in, and Voila` it was not claimed…Yay, it was all mine. I was so excited, finally I felt like I had accomplished something. I now had my own blog, with the perfect name. How perfect I did not realize for two more days. I put my computer away, thinking I soon would start writing. The writing, however, did not begin as I imagined that night. Although, the general logic behind the “struckawake” title paralleled with epiphany moments of growth due to life changing events, this “struckawake” title became much more endearing and much more profound….Now a few weeks later, in reflection it is literally a reflective AWE moment, in amazement and wonder. Now, this day, even though my darn internet connection won’t connect at this internet café I sit in, I refuse to allow anything to stop me…I must write…it is time!


Lucky me…lucky you…this is another STRUCKAWAKE moment…life changing, I hope…

I am connected!


~ by struckawake on January 28, 2011.

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