Leaving our Handprint

Leaving our Handprint
By Paula Grey

Throwing the rear view mirror out… Focusing on this moment
( which is all we really have), is key to living in the present, being present and there for those around us. We leave our handprint on everyone we come into contact with… Focusing on this God given moment to make a positive impact, is Gods will!
Let our handprint from this day forward be one of clarity and truth, not skewed with chaos and confusion and dishonesty, which leaves a smudge and a scar!

Be gentle and kind to yourself and others, we are all fragile!

We can walk this day, no matter what circumstances are swirling around us, even if we played a part in them, with a confidence in God… When we seek HIM… To correct our crooked path… And make it smooth! Knowing HE is orchestrating behind the scenes and loves us.

All He asks of us is to Believe HE is here, He does care and wants the best for all concerned, and when sought, HE will reveal Himself.

Trust, Believe, be thankful
Enjoy this day, this moment…
For it is a gift!


~ by struckawake on April 27, 2011.

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